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What is Renewable Diesel?

From replacing plastic with reusable bags to powering everyday appliances with rechargeable batteries, we are constantly adapting to more economically friendly alternatives to lower our carbon footprint. When it comes to petroleum products, there are several ecofriendly alternatives out there. One new type of fuel that has recently hit the market is renewable diesel. What …

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Jobsite Fire Safety

On-site equipment fueling presents a significant fire hazard, however fire potential can be minimized with proper training of prevention, firefighting procedures, and emergency evacuation. According to CAL Fire’s 2019 incident archive, 732 structures were damaged or destroyed due to a fire. If hazards on a jobsite are not properly maintained, a fire could break out …

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COVID-19 Update

As we continue to adapt to the unprecedented nature of COVID-19, we want our customers and vendors to know that we are taking all directives and recommended precautions seriously and are doing all we can to support those in need. Being an “essential service” allows us to continue operations with a limited office staff, but …

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