California’s on-site fueling Leader

Welcome to Pacific States Petroleum Inc., California’s largest on-site fueling company, where the safe and efficient delivery of diesel, renewable diesel, unleaded gasoline, propane, and lubricants is our number-one priority. We are a “can do” company that works 24/7 to provide safe, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for all your petroleum needs.

We Are Your Total Fuel Solution

Let us refuel your trucks, heavy equipment and mobile fuel tanks any time of the day or night. Challenging locations and delivery schedules are our specialty.

We are proud to be a leading distributor of a product that contributes to the clean energy movement and is environmentally friendly.

Product lines include premium brands Chevron and Mobil and our quality low-cost leader, GC Lubes. If we don’t have what you need, we’ll find it.

We carry the largest and widest range of mobile fuel storage tanks in the industry from 100-gallon to 3,000-gallon storage capacity.

We Are Your Total Fuel Solution