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VP Racing Fuels

When you crave the most power, best performance and must-have fuel consistency, you need VP Racing Fuels.

Why? Because performance fuel is VP's passion, and lifeblood. It’s not a sideline or hobby, it’s not one department or profit center in a large conglomerate. Since 1975, it’s been the primary focus of everything VP does.

And it’s not just “race gas.” It’s performance fuels of all types—racing gasoline, racing methanol, nitromethane, small engine fuels, hobby fuels, storage fuels—essentially any application requiring custom formulation for specific performance characteristics. And the pump gas you’ll find at VP-branded stations? In keeping with VP's demanding standards, you can be confident it ranks with the best on the market.

Obsessive R&D

VP’s singular focus is reflected in it's obsessive dedication to R&D. Our technological developments set VP apart from every other racing fuel manufacturer. What other company would focus on developing formulas for even the smallest niches in racing—to the tune of nearly 70 blends?

While VP Racing owns and operates a fully equipped analytical laboratory, they spend most of their time working with racers in their shops, on their dynos and with their vehicles at the track. VP is actively involved in their customers’ success. That’s how most of VP's blends came about—in response to specific customers’ requests for help. Most VP customers us are racers as well, and like them we seek the thrill of competition. And we like to win.

Fuel Types