Pacific States Petroleum, Inc. is proud to be a leading distributor of a product that contributes to the green energy movement and protects the environment all throughout Northern California and the Bay Area.
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Fuel Delivery Fleet Fueling

Pacific States Petroleum, Inc. is your premier California fleet fueling company. Let us fuel your fleet after your normal business hours, and we will show you how to save time and money. Our fleet fueling products consist of clear diesel, dyed diesel, and biodiesel.

Fleet fueling has several distinct advantages:

  • Reduction of Idle Time - Your employees will be at their first job 30–45 minutes earlier than before by not stopping at retail stores for fuel and snacks on company time.

  • Reduction of Fuel Neglect and Theft - Your employees are no longer involved in the fueling process of their vehicles, which can reduce the amount of fuel neglect and theft.

  • Reduction of Fuel Storage Tanks - Insurance liability, installation, regulations, and employee responsibilities are no longer present, enabling us to do what we do best in delivering fuel directly.

We are a “can do” company that works 24/7 to provide safe, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for all your petroleum needs. Please contact us at 1-800-679-1700 so we can customize a program best suited to you.

We provide high-quality, on-time, reliable California fleet fuel delivery services to meet all of your needs. We are the California fleet services leader.

Pacific States Petroleum, Inc. is your premier Northern California fleet fueling company.

On-Site Fueling

Oils & Lubricants

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